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Kovács T. Erika
az ETERNALEX Kft. jogtanácsosa
Borza Alina Simona

>> Real Estate Mediation:

Our main sphere is the research and the marketing of construction sites, Real Estates, parlors and business offices in the city centre of Oradea, as well as holiday territories, sites, summer & vacation houses and other realties in the 100 km district of Oradea. With our adequate knowledge of local judiciary and taxation rules, our customers are being offered a guaranteed outstanding and excellent service.

If you are planning to purchase Real Estate in Oradea or its neighborhood, be it your Private Home or your Company Headquarter, give us a call!

ETERNALEX Ltd. is committed to give you a helping hand in solving problems should they arise during acquisition of Real Estate. We will carry the burden from the very beginning until the signing of the contract, so that you, incurring minimal expense and spending the least energy, can choose the most suitable solutions.

When purchasing Real Estate, we offer the following services:

  • Exploring realties that best fit your demands
  • Presentation of plans, pictures, and miniature films about the realties to better help you make your decision
  • Inspection of the chosen Real Estates with the help of our affiliates
  • Judicial and tax counseling connected to purchase or rental
  • Ensuring every necessary condition to the making of the sale contract


For those interested in selling or renting out Real Estate, our company offers the following services:

  • Sale counseling
  • Determining the best price, conciliating with you
  • Advertising your Real Estate in several media
  • Transmitting realty to our foreign business partners
  • Judicial and tax counseling connected to purchase or rental
  • Informing about the process of selling


If we may be of help, please email us to office@eternalex.hu or seek us in person downtown Oradea at the following address: B-Dul Decebal nr. 28, bl. D103, ap.14. (up above BRD Bank). Cell: 00-40-720-028079, Tel/Fax: 00-40-359-410180.

Cégalapítás, cégbejegyzésMobil:00-40- 720-028079
Cégalapítás, cégbejegyzésTel/fax 00-40-359-410180


Kérjük a hasonló tartalmú oldalak szerkesztőit, hogy ne az ETERNALEX Kft. oldalain található szöveget és képeket használják oldalaikhoz, hiszen ezek szerzői jogvédelem alatt állnak és ennek megsértése büntetőjogi felelősséget is maga után vonhat. A site-on található összes eredeti szöveg tulajdonjogával kizárólag az ETERNALEX Kft. rendelkezik.